Team News

September 2017 – Welcome to three new masters students joining the team – Jaydeep Mistry, Veronika Jorz, and Zarin Khan. Looking forward to working on exciting projects examining open data, direct editing of crowdsourced data, and open aerial mapping.

Congrats to Carolyn McCormick for successfully defending her Master’s thesis on fear of crime in Waterloo Region!

February 2017 – Congrats to Chen Chen for successfully defending his Master’s thesis on gamification in OpenStreetMap!

December 2016 – Congrats to Qing Lu for successfully defending her Master’s thesis on municipal adoption of 311 apps, and to Mingyu Liu for completing her Master’s research paper on climate change related open data!

September 2016 – How time flies – saying congrats to Sara Harrison and Brenda Lo who both completed their Master’s degrees this fall. Also welcome to Weiya Ye and Zhiwei Yan, both undergraduate honours students.

April 2016 – Congrats to Sara Harrison and Qing Lu on their presentations at the 2016 AAG in San Francisco!

January 2016 – Welcome to Economics undergraduate student Christine Varga who will be working with the Canadian Open Data Exchange and UW for her co-op term.

September 2015 – Lots of new activity and students! Welcome to new masters students Brenda Lo and Mingyu Liu. Welcome to Sarah Greene who will be doing her co-op placement working on contextualizing open data infomediaries. And lastly, welcome to undergraduate honours thesis students Shengfeng Deng, Zhibin Zheng, and Amelia Dufton!

August 2015 – Congrats to Simone Philpot on completing her PhD comprehensive exam! Welcome to PhD candidacy, Simone!

May 2015 – Congrats to Andrea Minano for successfully defending her thesis “Supporting Local Climate Change Adaptation with the Participatory Geoweb: Findings from Coastal Nova Scotia”, and completing her Master’s degree. Way to go Andrea!

April 2015 – Look for Andrea Minano to present the results of her graduate work on using the Geoweb for climate change adaptation in Nova Scotia at the Association of American Geographers conference 2015 in Chicago.

January 2015 –  Chen Chen joins the team as a masters student working on mobile games for civic participation. Also welcome to Paulina Marczak and Mavis Chan, both doing undergraduate co-op terms funded by Paulina will be working with Montreal-based civic technology non-profit Open North, and Mavis will be working in Halifax with the Nova Scotia Community Counts program.

December 2014 – Carlos Pinzon defends his Master’s MRP on Land Grabs in Colombia. Congratulations Carlos!

September 2014 – Welcome to Zahra Jeraj doing an undergraduate co-op term conducting research on government use of open data. Also welcome to Mingyu Liu who is doing an undergraduate honours thesis on OpenStreetMap.

June 2014 – Andrea Minano presented preliminary research at the 2014 Coastal Zones Canada conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

May 2014 – Welcome to Alex Smith and Jonathan Van Dusen, both starting undergraduate honors projects.

April 2014 – Research team members traveled to Ryerson University for a student meet up with colleagues.

February 2014 – Andrea Minano and Stephanie Piper present at SKI Canada 2014, in Banff, Alberta. Stephanie was the recipient of a student presentation award!

January 2014 – Welcome to Jonathan Van Dusen who is doing an undergraduate co-op placement studying mobile application development and testing in conjunction with partner ESRI Canada.

September 2013 – Welcome to new graduate students Andrea Minano (MSc – Developing and testing a Geoweb platform for communicating climate change), Stephanie Piper (MA – Establishing the value of open data), and Simone Philpot (PhD – A systems approach to water management).

September 2012 – Welcome to new graduate student Carlos Pinzon who is studying the drivers of land grab activity in Colombia (MES).


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